Intex Pharma HGH 100IU 10 x 10ius vials (Human Growth Hormone)



Intex Pharma HGH 100IU 10 x 10ius vials (Human Growth Hormone)

Buy Intex Pharma HGH 100IU 10 x 10ius vials (Human Growth Hormone) Online EU. Intex Pharma HGH is a peptide hormone that people confuse with steroids.

Peptide is a substance that is formed with a combination of amino acids, and some people often confuse HGH with other steroids as it also improves athletic performance, like anabolic. You can buy HGH online if you are an adult suffering from HGH, apart from the aging factor.

HGH Benefits for Adults:

 For adults suffering from growth hormone deficiency or people who buy HGH for medical treatment, HGH 1000IU can:

  • Increase bone density.
    • Increase workout and exercise capacity.
    • Fuel muscles and help gain muscle fat.
    • Increase the metabolic rate and help reduce body fat.
    • HGH treatment is also approved for HIV or AIDS-related hormone deficiency that causes irregular fat distribution in the body.
    • Increase the formation of new cells.
    • Improves skin health.
    • Support joints and tendons.
    • Support normal sleep rhythms with energy.
    • Helps in the treatment of growth failure in children caused by kidney disease, Turner’s syndrome, and Prader-Will syndrome.

Side Effects of Misuse:

Although HGH is a magical potent and famous for its anti-aging properties, abusive usage can have side effects such as:

• Joint, muscular, and nerve pain.
• Edema is a disease in which swelling is caused by an excess of fluid in the body’s tissues.
• Tingling of the skin and numbness.
• Carpal tunnel syndrome.
• high cholesterol.
• Increase the risk of diabetes.
• If overdosed for a long time, it can contribute to the growth of cancerous tumors.

Optimal HGH Dosage:

The exact dosage of HGH is dependent on the reason for its usage, individual tolerance, length of HGH therapy, effectiveness, body weight, and risk of side effects.

  • The dosage for patients with GHD varies from 0.2mg to 1mg per day.
    • For anti-aging, recovery, and surgery, a higher dose of 2mg is taken 3 times a week for up to 6 months.
    • For muscle gain, if taking large doses of up to 5mg, it is advisable to stop the dosage in 3 to 4 weeks.
    Medical Issues and Usage of HGH:
    There are certain medical conditions for which it is necessary to consult your doctor before starting HGH:
    • Patients with brain tumors.
    • acute critical illnesses such as respiratory failure, open heart surgery, or accidental trauma.
    • People suffering from diabetes or with a family history of diabetes.
    • A rare genetic disorder known as Parder-Will syndrome.
    • underactive thyroid.
    •    Tumors.


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