Hemi Pharma Masteron-P (Drostanolone) 100



Hemi Pharma Masteron-P (Drostanolone) 100

Buy Hemi Pharma Masteron-P (Drostanolone) 100 Online Europe. Hemi pharma Masteron-P is the purest form of Drostanolone propionate, a potent steroid with benefits for physique transformation.

People shop masteron steroids from Euro Steroid Shop to aid in gaining lean muscle mass and avoid the side effects of bloating and fluid retention caused by most anabolic steroids. Drostanolone P can also improve muscle hardness, enhance vascularity, increase stamina, reduce fatigue, and help with the hardening of muscles by increasing the production of red blood cells in the body.

The working mechanism of Masteron P:

Masteron P works by binding to the androgen receptors, providing the most suitable environment for protein synthesis. With enhanced protein synthesis, nitrogen retention in the muscles is promoted, leading to faster recovery and helping the body to repair damaged muscle fibers. Masteron is known for its anti-estrogenic properties that help to reduce estrogen levels in men and help in achieving a leaner physique in a short time.

Benefits of Masteron P:

People find masteron steroid for sale due to its ability to provide benefits such as:

  • Enhanced muscle growth:

By increasing overall strength and reducing recovery time, it leads to noticeable muscle growth in a short time.

  • Safe nature:

Unlike most steroids, Masteron can give maximum results with minimal side effects. With a safe and recommended dosage, it is not going to damage the internal organs, such as the kidneys and liver.

Side Effects of Hemi Pharma Masteron P:

With abusive usage, users can face side effects such as:

  • Hair thinning and hair loss lead to male-pattern baldness.
  • Acne and skin issues.
  • Suppression of natural testosterone production.
  • Chances of heart attacks and other cardiovascular issues.
  • Raise blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Depression, anxiety, and anger.

Suggested dose of Masteron P:

The dose for every person varies and depends on several factors, such as gender, fitness level, past steroid history, medical condition, and goals, but the safe recommended dose range is:

  • The recommended dosage for men is 200 to 500 mg weekly. It is advised to divide the dose throughout the week to maintain stable blood levels. Experienced users can consume 800 mg per week, but it is important to make sure you do not exceed 800mg at any cost to avoid its side effects.
  • Women are sensitive to androgenic effects and are advised to consume 100 to 300 mg weekly. Exceeding the recommended dosage in female users can lead to side effects such as a deepening of the voice, excessive facial hair growth, an increase in masculine characteristics, and clitoris enlargement.


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