Buy Solaray Yohimbe Extract 135mg 60 Caps


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Buy Solaray Yohimbe Extract 135mg 60 Caps

Buy Solaray Yohimbe Extract 135mg 60 Caps Online Europe. A drug form of yohimbine—yohimbine hydrochloride—has been studied for erectile dysfunction.

Yohimbe bark has traditionally been used in Africa as an aphrodisiac (to increase sexual desire). Presently it is used as a folk or traditional remedy for sexual dysfunction, including erectile dysfunction in men.

What is Yohimbe capsules Used For?

Yohimbe has a variety of uses, some use it for erectile dysfunction, others to improve athletic performance and/or energy, and some use it for weight loss.

What if I Find Yohimbe to Be Too Strong?

Many users find even the lowest dosage of Yohimbe products to be too strong or too intense for them. Many users recommend breaking open the capsules, licking their fingers, and taking small dabs of Yohimbe on their tongue, essentially micro-dosing with it.


Use only as directed. Take one capsule up to four times daily with a meal or glass of water.

Soaray Yohimbe Extract 135mg 60 Capsules Supplement Facts


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